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Company Overview

Radical Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Independent Supplier of  IT Equipment. We Offer Technical Expertise for the Largest Manufacturers Including HP, IBM, Dell, Sun and Cisco and Microsoft.
Expect Low Costs, Short Delivery Lead Times, Immediate TurnAround On Quotes.

Our Customers are End User Companies, Resellers, Leasing Companies and Managed Service Providers.

The Core Group Associated with the Company has been involved in the Implementation and Commissioning of various computer Based Activities Ranging from System Integration to Network.

For more than a Decade the Company and its Directors have been known to be Associated with  Quality Service and for Treating its Customers With Due Care and Sensitivity.

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Radical Technologies Private Limited
303, Laxmi Mall, Laxmi Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri West
Mumbai - 400053, Maharashtra, India