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    Radical Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Dealer and Supplier for The top-selling IBM System X (Tower-optimized),(Rack-optimized),
   Bladecentres Servers provide a complete infrastructure that supports both your business objectives and your business growth.
Dealer for Ibm Servers in Mumbai,Maharashtra.Supplier for IBM System X,
Storage and Blade Servers in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

Lenovo X3500 M4 Server 7383- II9
At a glance, overview, features and specifications
IBM x3500 M4 Server 7383- II9 ( Two Way Tower )
Intel Xeon E5 2620 v2 (Hexa Core) 2.10 Ghz 15 Mb 1600 Mhz
1x 8GB OPEN BAY 2.5" Hot Swap SAS/SATA
RAID 01 in built (M1115 Card),
3 Years Onsite Warranty