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Radical Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Dealer and Supplier for Lenovo storage ,Lenovo storage provide a complete infrastructure that supports both your business objectives and your business growth.Dealer for Lenovo storage, lenovo storage Series ,Lenovo storage Series in Mumbai,Maharashtra.Supplier for Lenovo storage in Mumbai.                                                    

D3284 Direct Attached Storage
5U enclosure
Dual 12Gb SAS ESMs per enclosure
3 universal 4x 12Gb mini-SAS HD connectors per enclosure
Up to 84 3.5-inch drives per enclosure
Daisy-chain 4 enclosures for up to 336 drives
Direct-attach server storage (JBOD)
Use a combination of high-capacity NL-SAS drives and high-IOPS/low-latency SSDs in the same enclosure
Perfect for HPC, Tier-3 Cloud data centers, and medium-to-large enterprise data centers
Hot-swappable components: all drives, 2x ESMs, 5x fans, 2x 80 Plus Platinum power supplies
Compatible with all Lenovo ThinkServer and System x servers†

Cost-optimized for large-capacity deployments
Up to 336 LFF drives in 4 enclosures
Dual Environmental Service Modules (ESMs)
Mix and match NL-SAS and SSD drives
D1224 Direct Attached Storage
SAS zoning support up to 6 hosts with Y cables
A simple, affordable, easy-to-deploy storage expansion solution.
Use one D1224 as a stand-alone JBOD, or daisy-chain up to 7 more per HBA. This provides access for up to 192 HDDs or SSDs using only one HBA.
Up to 8 D1224 enclosures are supported per SAS Chain
Each D1224 contains 24 hot-swap 2.5-inch bays, supporting HDDs and SSDs. This means a maximum of 192 drives/384TB supported per HBA
Available drives include enterprise-class 15,000rpm SAS HDDs, 10,000rpm SAS HDDs, high-capacity nearline (NL) 7,200rpm SAS HDDs, and high-performance/high-capacity SAS SSDs.
Each enclosure includes dual SAS I/O modules. Each module includes three 12Gb SAS ports (IN and OUT)—six total per enclosure. Using only two ports enables an enclosure to be daisy-chained to the ones before and after it. Using both SAS I/O modules enables high availability.
Integrates seamlessly with all Lenovo servers.
High availability via dual I/O modules, redundant PSUs, and hot-swap drives.
An effective storage solution for workloads such as data backup, data caching, video surveillance, media streaming, email hosting, server virtualization, file management, and print serving.
Ideal for cost-sensitive customers, space-constrained environments, current and future high-capacity needs, and server/storage virtualization. It reduces the burden on over utilized internal server storage, and offers extreme capacity for archive and cold storage solutions.
Shares common parts with the D1212 DAS unit

Supports 24x 2.5-inch HDDs/SSDs per enclosure
Daisy-chain up to 8 D1224 units per HBA
Up to 192 drives/384TB max capacity
Dual expansion I/O module support
Three 12Gb SAS ports per module (IN/OUT)
Support multiple hosts attachment (SAS Zoning)
D1212 Direct Attached Storage

High-capacity JBOD unit
Flexible, expandable DAS configurations
Supports high-performance SSDs and HDDs
Supports high-capacity SSDs and HDDs
Ruggedized components, NEBS-compliant

Supports 12x 3.5-inch HDDs/SSDs per enclosure
Daisy-chain up to 8 D1212 units per SAS Chain
Up to 96 drives/960TB* max capacity
Dual expansion I/O module support standard
Three 12Gb SAS ports per module (IN/OUT)
Lenovo Direct-Attached Storage
Lenovo Tape Library
Requirements for secure, long-term data retention—especially in the financial services, healthcare and life sciences industries—are common and increasingly stringent, with data volumes growing massively as a result. Tape storage offers a less costly long-term storage option than disk drives or flash. And data stored on tape kept offline, or on write once media, is nearly invulnerable to hacking.

The Lenovo Tape Library is a high-density, highly scalable, easy-to-manage tape library designed to keep data securely stored long-term, while helping reduce the costs associated with data centre space and utilities. Its modular design enables users to increase cartridge and drive capacity as needed.
Built around a 3U-high modular base library, Lenovo tape drive can scale vertically with up to seven modules (including the base library), with expansion for Linear Tape-Open (LTO) Ultrium cartridges (LTO 6, 7, and 8) drives and redundant power supplies. A single robot manages all modules in the stack.
Lenovo TS2260 Tape
IBM TS4300 Tape
IBM TS2900 Tape Autoloader
Radical Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Dealer and Supplier for The Top-Selling  Lenovo storage
         Lenovo Storage provide a complete infrastructure that supports both your business objectives and your business growth.
            Dealer for Lenovo storage in Mumbai,Maharashtra.Supplier for Lenovo storage Servers in mumbai.
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