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Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

The main benefits of NAS include:

Scale out capacity : Adding more storage capacity to NAS is as easy as adding more hard disks. You donít have to upgrade or replace existing servers, and new storage can be made available without shutting down the network.

Performance: Because NAS is dedicated to serving files, it removes the responsibility of file serving from other networked devices. And since NAS is tuned to specific use cases (like big data or multimedia storage), clients can expect better performance.

Easy setup: NAS architectures are often delivered with simplified scripts, or even as appliances preinstalled with a streamlined operating system, greatly reducing the time it takes to set it up and manage the system.

Accessibility: Every networked device has access to NAS.
Fault tolerance: NAS can be formatted to support replicated disks, a redundant array of independent disks, or erasure coding to ensure data integrity.

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