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Radical Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Dealer and Supplier for veritas backup,  veritas backup provide a complete infrastructure that supports both your business objectives and your business growth.Dealers for veritas backup ,Dealers for veritas backup ,Dealer backup solution in Mumbai,Maharashtra.Supplier for veritas backup in Mumbai.                                                    

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Veritas Backup Exec

Veritas Backup Exec deliver reliable backup and recovery across applications, platforms, and virtual environments. A single console unites the management and reporting of both on-premises and cloud information to provide additional operating efficiencies and simplified administration.

fast virtual machine  snapshots through integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service. the ability to protect thousands of VMs from a single user console. instant recovery of VMware and Hyper-V VMs; integrated global deduplication and changed block tracking; integrated bare-metal, physical-to-virtual and virtual-to-physical recovery. the ability to protect thousands of VMs from a single user console.