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Dealer for Lenovo Servers in Mumbai,Maharashtra.Supplier for IBM SystemX, Lenovo Thinkserver Storage and Blade Servers in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
          Authorised Supplier, Dealers, Distibutors for IBM Servers, Lenovo Thinkservrs in Mumbai,Mahrashtra,Thane,Pune.
      Dealers for Lenovo Rack and Tower Servers.Lenovo Think Server Dealers in Mumbai.Dealer for lenovo server

Radical Technologies Pvt Ltd is the Dealer and Supplier for The top-selling Lenovo Thnikserver Tower-optimized, Rack-optimized, Bladecentres Servers provide a complete infrastructure that supports both your business objectives and your business growth.Dealer for Lenovo Servers in Mumbai,Maharashtra.Supplier for Lenovo Thinkserver, Storage and Blade Servers in Mumbai and Maharashtra.Authorised Server Dealers for Lenovo Thnik Server in Mumabi, Pune, Vashi, Thane, Maharashtra.Dealers for Lenovo Servers in Mumbai.

From growing small businesses to enterprise workloads, our rack and tower servers meet your business-critical demands with legendary THINK quality and reliability, while maximizing your budget. Pair your ThinkServer with a Lenovo storage device to protect, manage, and share your data. Lenovo are in the process of purchasing the System X brand from IBM - Just one of a series of moves to strengthen their position in the Server market. They are now actively looking to become a dominant player in the Server market.
Lenovo X3100 M5-5457-IYA
Lenovo Thinkserver TS140
IBM X3100 M5 Server 5457- I1C
IBM x3300 M4 Server 7382-ILA
IBM X3500 M4 Server 7383- II9
IBM x3550 M4 Server 7914- QC4
IBM x3550 M5 Server 5463-I9E
IBM x3630 M4 Server 7158-O9F
IBM x3650 M4 Server 7915-N6A
IBM X3650 M4 Server 7915-4L9
Lenovo X3650 M5 Server 5462-IKP 
Lenovo Thinkserver TS460
Lenovo Thinkserver ST550
Lenovo Thinkserver TS150
Lenovo Thinkserver SR550 RACK
Think Enterprise
Reliable ThinkServer products you can trust
Think Flexible
Proven ‘Think’ innovation for your growing business

Think Ahead
Purposefully designed products for a software-defined age
Lenovo Thinkserver SR530 RACK
Lenovo Thinkserver  SR650 RACK
Lenovo Thinkserver ST50
Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250
Lenovo ThinkSystem SR250